AMD FirePro W5000 graphics card

This item is an AMD FirePro W5000 workstation graphics card with stereoscopic connector, CrossFire Pro connector, and box. This was a card I was using for CAD and rendering work, but have since upgraded. The card is still under warranty, but I have never had to call for support. All drivers are available online and work fully with Windows 10. Overall, this was a really good card to own, particularly for the price and performance. Very useful for any engineering applications.


Single-precision: 1.27 TFLOPS

Double-precision: 79.2 GFLOPS

Eyefinity capable

30-bit precision display pipeline


2xDisplayPort, 1xDVI

Can deliver to Helsinki or Otaniemi. Bank transfer preferred, but cash is also accepted.

Listing created May 4, 2018