Looking for a room in Espoo or Helsinki (2018 Sep-Jan)

Hello dear reader!

My name is Filips and I am a 22yo Design student who is fascinated by art, ecosystems, and play in culture.

After studying art and design for 4years in Latvia, I moved to the Netherlands to study conceptual design thinking. After 2 years of studies I got accepted for exchange studies in Aalto university in Espoo.

Now I am looking for a room (or anything else with a roof) to live in from the begining of september 2018 until the end of december (or end of january). I am flexible with the moving out date.

I do not smoke, have no pets, play no musical instruments(unfortunettly), and like to have some time on my own (still happy to have meaningful talks regularly with friends or roommates)

If you would be interested to rent a room for me, please let me know as soon as possible, that would be great!!! ;)



@Filips Stanislavskis

Listing created Aug 6, 2018