Female exchange-student looking for room :) (sep-dec 2018)


Minun nimi on Juliane ja olen saksalainen opiskelija.

Tulen Dresdenissa ja minä puhun vähän suomea.

But my Finnish is just random basics, so I'll continue in English :) :

I'm Juliane, exhange student from Germany, currently looking for a room from september -december 2018, as I'll be starting my studies at Aalto U.

I don't mind sharing the apartment and love company, but will also respect your wishes . Sadly my Finnish is still pretty terrible, but hey more to learn.

I'm an Easy going person, who has no problems with cleaning, doesn't mind pets or people :) and is always there, if you need sb to talk or drink a beer with. But like I wrote, I respect boundaries and also wouldn't mind it if you wanted your own space.

Like everone else I'm searching for sth cheap (around 400 preferred, 500 maximum) and it would be great if it's near Aalto U., but thats just a preference.

I would be thankful for every offer you've got for me.

Just write an email to: haujul@outlook.de

Hope to hear from you soon and nähdään :)

Listing created Jun 27, 2018